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The Bible Brief is a summary or overview of the Bible, that lists all 66 books in the Old and the New Testament combined. Intended as a quick guide or reference book to the scriptures, it is in no way intended to replace the Bible – God forbid! – but rather it has been written to give an outline of the complete Bible as a general Bible Summary and aid to Bible study for both group and individual use.

bible summary bookIt is a response to the argument that many have these days, the fact that for all our time-saving appliances, there seems to be even less time for ‘me time.’ Even with the best intentions, sometimes it is just difficult to sit down to a full-blown Bible study. Here is where This book plays it’s part, as it lays out the main points within each book in a summary of around 500 words or so. This enables the reader to get a quick ‘flavour’ of the book, allowing a more in-depth study of God’s Word when time or circumstance permits.

Bible summaries have certainly gained more attention in recent times, and the author James Paris – who has trained in the AOG Bible College in England – certainly seems to have his ‘finger on the pulse’  with this particular overview. Never intended as an in-depth theological work, this outline of the Bible has been written in an easy to grasp format, that covers some of the main issues involved. Whether you want a quick preview of John’s gospel message, or perhaps a look into the Old Testament prophets, The book covers both Old and New testaments in an easy to read and understand fashion.


It has to be said that to attempt an in-depth overview of books such as Deuteronomy or Joshua or Jeremiah et al, in 500 words would be an exercise in futility! That said, this is an honest attempt to bring a ‘quick flavour’ of the main issues involved, whilst leaving limitless scope for more indepth studies into the characters and the messages contained within the pages of the Bible.

The format of every Book or indeed Epistle, in both the Old and New Testaments, is laid out as follows:

  1. When: The date of the book was written or the time period covered.
  2. Who: The author or presumed author of the book.
  3. People & Places: The ‘main players’ & places involved or referred to.
  4. Sound-bites: Memorable quotes, sayings or verses from the book.
  5. The Messianic Link: The coming Messiah is mentioned throughout – and ties together – the 66 books. These are just some of the scriptures that allude to or name the Messiah directly.
  6. The Book: An outline of the book or letter.
  7. Notes & Quotes: General thoughts & comments on the preceding book.

You can see some other examples of this bible overview  in the links below this article.

All material on this site extracted from The Bible Brief and other works by James Paris, is re-used with the express permission of the author and in accordance with copyright law.

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