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extraterrestrials amongst us

Following Sworn Testimony at A Congressional meeting regarding UAP’s and Aliens – What does the Bible say and how should Christian’s react

It’s fair to say that over the preceding centuries Christianity has face innumerable challenges, physical, psychological, spiritual, and indeed intellectual. So it may come as no surprise that yet another challenge is ‘knocking at the door’ of the Christian belief system – The evidence pointing to ‘extraterrestrials’ or Unidentified Autonomous (or Aerial) Phenomena.

It is also fair to say that reports of what used to be called Ufo’s are nothing new. Indeed many would just snigger and scoff at the mere mention of this phenomena and relegate it to the realm of the crazies!

Now however, we have something of a game-changer. On July 26th 2023 We had actual testimony recorded and given under oath, to the US Congress from 3 highly creditable witnesses that UFO’s are actually very real – and the US Military has actual Alien craft and “non-human biologicals” in their possession.

Can these witnesses or ‘whistleblowers’ be believed? Are they really that credible? A quick look at their credentials may well show that this is indeed the case.

Congressional UAP Witnesses:

Witness number 1 – Major David Grusch (Ret). Highly decorated officer in the US air Force, and former military intelligence officer of 14 years experience in the Air Force and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.

He also served on two Pentagon task forces investigating UAPs until earlier 2023, and was the National Reconnaissance Office’s representative to the AARO (All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office)and its predecessor task force the UAPTF (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force).

Claims – The government or US military has been hiding the truth about UAP’s from the public for many years and calls for more transparency on UFO/UAP issues. You can see his opening statement to the Congressional meeting here…

Witness number 2 – Lieutenant Ryan Graves: Former F/A-18 Super Hornet Pilot with Ten years’ service in the US Navy. Now Chair of the UAP Integration & Outreach Committee for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Claims: UAP’s are “In our airspace and are grossly underreported” because of the stigma attached to such reports. They also present a real danger to air traffic, and that the government knows far more than they share publicly about  UAP incursion.

More on his opening statement to Congress here…

Witness number 3 – David Fravor :  Former Navy Pilot and commanding officer of the World famous ‘Black Aces’ fighter squadron.

Claims: Testifies to the now famous ‘Tic-Tac’ encounter where a UAP defies all the recognized rules of flight and completely out-performs their own high performance aircraft.. Congressional opening statement here..

Please check out the links to view the relevant Gov pdf doc’s for the witness opening statements on the links provided.

So these are the 3 witness that have gone on record to say that UAP’s or UFO’s are in fact very real – and it’s about time everybody woke up to the truth of the matter.

However, the fact is that there are many HUNDREDS if not thousands of UAP reports from military and police personnel of all ranks. People who have been professionally trained to observe and record accurately what they have witnessed.

UAP congressional hearing
‘Whistle blower’ David Grusch at the UAP Congressional Hearing July 2023

Add to this the many thousands of civilian testimonies or eye witness accounts of UAP encounters – sometimes by dozens of people at any one time – and the evidence becomes somewhat overwhelming and difficult to repudiate.

That being the case, how should the Christian or indeed anyone who believes the Biblical story of creation respond to these claims of extraterrestrial life amongst us?

What are these UAP’s, and what is their purpose?

Ancient Alien Theory:

This is a theory first promoted by Erich von Daniken, and now growing amongst the general public – owing in large part to the media presentations on the ‘History’ channel and other media.

What is the Ancient Alien Theory

In a nutshell. This theory promotes the view that the planter Earth was ‘seeded’ by a superior race of beings in ages past. That they in fact created the human race and have observed us and guided us over the millennia.

One day (perhaps soon!) they will return and declare themselves to be our ‘gods’.

Proponents of this theory point to all the ancient structures, that seem impossible for ancient man to build, and claim a higher intelligence with technology beyond our understanding built them – or showed us the way.

They would point to structures like the Pyramids in Egypt, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Moai Statues in Easter Island, ancient Nan Madol, – to name just a fraction of the examples available – as ‘evidence’ of extraterrestrial intervention.

Petroglyphs and rock art centuries old seem in many cases to show extraterrestrial, god-like figures. Even figures that seem to be wearing some kind of helmet (space men?).

My Thoughts

The Ancient Alien theory at its core, is just another distraction to divert people away from the knowledge of a Creator God, and the reality of a coming judgement and the need for Jesus.

Instead they point us towards a ‘creator extraterrestrial’ who will come again to further the evolution of mankind.

However they do have something right – This UAP situation is a reality that has to be explained, if we are not all to be deceived when it finally becomes main-stream and they show themselves publicly.

What does the Bible say about Aliens?

No matter how hard you search you will find that the Bible has Nothing to say about Uap’s or UFO’s – by those names or tags! However ther are many mentions of ‘Aliens’ in the Bible – but this term simply meant ‘stranger’ or ‘foreigner’ – not ‘extraterrestrial beings as we now refer to them.

However the Bible does talk about a ‘Great Deception’ spoken off in the Bible (Matt 24:24). A deception that would be so powerful that even the ‘elect’ could be deceived – if that were possible.

In 2 Thessalonians 2:11 God sends a ‘deluding influence’ on the wicked so that they would believe that which is false and suffer judgement.

So what should a Christian think of UAP’s or Extraterrestrials?

First of all we must acknowledge the fact that They Do Exist in this realm, and not the realm of fantasy – there is just too much evidence to deny it any longer.

Secondly – there is Biblical precedence, and indeed a ‘heads up’ that extraterrestrial visitors have always influenced mankind – for both Good and Evil.

All you have to do is replace ‘Angel’ with ‘Extraterrestrial’ (Angels are not of this world so legitimately can be called Extraterrestrial).

Examples in the Bible of Extraterrestrial or UAP activity could include the following…

  • Ezekiel’s vision: In Chapter 1:1-25 Ezekiel had an earth-shattering encounter with the Lord God and his Angels along with a “Chariot of Fire”. Not meaning to diminish this in any way, today many would call this a UAP. To Ezekiel however this was an IAP (IDENTIFIED Aerial Phenomena!).
  • The star of Bethlehem: In Matthew chapter 2. Was this really a ‘star’ that led the shepherds to Jesus manger in a lowly stable – or would we it todays parlance describe it as a UAP? And the ‘Great Company of the Heavenly host’ that accompanied Jesus birth – angels/extraterrestrials?
  • Angels in the Bible: Described throughout the Old and New Testaments as “Angels” or  “Angel of The Lord” (e.g. Genesis 16:7-14), “sons of God” (e.g. Job 38:7; Daniel 3:35); “saints” or “holy ones” (e.g. Deuteronomy 33:2; Zechariah 14:5; 1 Thessalonians 3:13 cf. 2 Thessalonians 1:7); “hosts” (e.g. Joshua 5:14-15; 1 Kings 22:19; Psalm 103:20-21; 148:2; Luke 2:13; James 5:4) If we replace all these instances with ‘Extraterrestrial visitors’ then we are not a million miles away from saying that yes, Mankind has been visited by UAP’s and Extraterrestrial beings in the past – just under a different name!

Now consider ‘Angels’ and ‘Fallen Angels’ and you could consider ‘extraterrestrials’ – Beings that are not off this world. It could be that it is NOT ‘Ancient Aliens’ that are to appear soon to deceive the masses.

But in fact a demonic deception – and could well be precursor of the coming Tribulation period.

The Coming Great Deception

As mentioned earlier in this chapter, the Bible talks about a great deception in the end times that will lead many astray and may even cause ‘the saints’ to doubt.

But just what could this powerful deception be that could lead many to reconsider their whole existence, perhaps even the whole story of creation/redemption as recorded in the Bible.

Imagine if you will…You wake up one morning and turn on the TV or tune in to social media. The world is in chaos at the arrival of UFO’s in all major cities of the World.

They claim to ‘come in peace’ and explain they are here to take us on our next step on the evolutionary ladder – a higher level of existence.

Why would they do this? Simple. We are their children! They seeded the planet Earth thousands of years ago and have been monitoring our growth ever since.

They will claim – They are our creators – our gods!

indian art petroglyph space alien?

But surely that’s all crazy talk?

I agree it does seem a little far-fetched – but perhaps not as much as it was before the Sworn Testimony given to congress that I mentioned earlier.

Now we have a situation.

Sooner or later real, tangible evidence may be produced that will take all doubt away. The stage will be set for the ‘great unveiling’.

The Ancient Alien Theory will be pushed to the front of the agenda – and a great many will be deceived and ‘believe the lie’.

This is in accordance with the Bible in several passages including…  For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect’. (Matt. 24:24)

Also the great delusion mentioned in the earlier chapter… For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false” (2 Thess.2:11).

Pause and think for a moment…If these reports of Aliens turn out to be true and verifiable, why show themselves now?

Alien craft and incursions have been reported on for decades – even centuries, and up to now they have been disregarded as ‘flights of fancy’ or the mutterings of crazy people.

The answer could be this…If they were truly Aliens from another world or Galaxy, it would be strange to say the least, that they have not tried to make contact.

Perhaps even launch a planet-wide takeover!

UFO/Alien Occult Connection

However, if they are actually demons from the Pit. It would make perfect sense that they have remained largely hidden up till now.

Why? They are working according to God’s timing! I.E. It is not yet their time to come forth and wreak havoc.

Think about the Gadarene demoniac in the scriptures. When Jesus approached him, the demons cried out… “And they cried out, saying, “What business do we have with each other, Son of God? Have You come here to torment us before the time?” (Matt 8:29)

He then cast them into a herd of pigs, that promptly ran away and drowned themselves.

So apparently even demons are working to a time schedule, and it could well be that the time of their release to speak havoc upon the people of the Earth is fast approaching.

Are you ready?

End Note: This is a huge subject, and I freely admit that I have only brushed the surface – lifted up the page as it were and given a ‘sneak preview’ of what lies behind the great ‘Alien Deception’ that could be announced in the near future.

Questions regarding the biblical Giants, the Nephilim or the ‘sons of Anak’ the Anakim. Also the Repha’im that King Chedorlaomer and his allies attacked and defeated at Ashteroth-Karnaim.  (Genesis 14:5)

There is also the question of ‘Good’ and ‘fallen’ angels. The fact is that perhaps not all the instances of UAP or extraterrestrial sightings are ‘demonic’ in nature.

What about the rapture of the church – will Christian believers still be here when it all kicks off? (Spoiler alert – No they will not – watch out for another article on this particular subject).

One thing is for sure though – there is a ‘final battle’ coming between the forces of good and evil.

Do your own homework – be sure you are on the right side when – and if – the great alien deception is revealed.

Choose life – Choose Jesus!

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