Is Vaping A Sin For Christians

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Christians And E-Cigarettes:

Recently I had a big debate with a couple of Christian friends about the issue of e-cigs. In particular, I wanted to look at this subject. Should be smoking these vaporizers or not.

After all, the Bible seems dead set against anything that could be habit-forming. And e-cigs seem to fit the bill in that respect.

is vaping ecigs a sin for Christians

After a long and rather heated at times argument. It seems that they have come out on the side of the electronic ciggy. This for many reasons, some of which are pretty compelling.

Here is a short-list of these reasons and why they think Christians should give the electric cig a try. More so if they are struggling to quit the traditional cigarette habit.

7 Benefits Of Smoking e-cigarettes

1. Electronic cigarettes do not produce actual flame. This means that they are not a fire risk at all. Especially if you are in the habit of going to bed smoking a traditional smoke!

2. There is also no ash involved. meaning that your are not making a mess of your (or somebody else’s) carpet or other furniture. Never mind the area around the bathroom sink, which is the usual culprit for burns and ash.

3. Your friends or work-colleagues are not breathing in toxic fumes.  e-cigs produce water vapour and so are free from ‘passive smoking’ allegations.

4. e-cigs are much cheaper overall. to support a vaping habit, than it is with traditional cigarettes.

5. Healthier? While there is no doubt more investigations to be done on the health issues. It is true that the E-Cigarette is not filling your lungs and airways with toxic tobacco smoke. This has to be a good thing.

6. Chance to reduce your nicotine level. By choosing a low-nicotine version of the e-cig. Perhaps kicking the smoking habit completely.

7. The cost of smoking these liquid Ciggies. Estimated by most users to be at least half of the cost when using traditional smokes.

What’s The Downside of ecigarettes?

It seems that the main downside of an e-cigarette habit is that it can still be habit-forming. This is especially the case where you are still using Nicotine vaporizers. It is the nicotine that forms  the addictive element of the cigarette. Though it has to be said, that the e-liquid can be of nicotine free variety.

is vaping sinful

Ecigs aimed at minors?

There is also the argument that the kids may be attracted to it. And indeed there has been a lot of publicity on this issue. Particularly alluding to the targeting of minors with colorful e-cigpackaging. especially the disposable type with a short lifespan.

Apart from the obvious cost to the kids. It is argued that they can be encouraged to go from the electric cig to the tobacco smokes in a short step.

It is also said that the e-cigs are as addictive as smoking actual tobacco cigarettes. even though they may not be as harmful in the long term (although this is yet to be established).

With all the interest surrounding E-Cigarettes at the moment. You may actually be asking yourself what exactly an electronic cigarette is. or indeed are these e-cigs safe to use. Regarding Christian values, about smoking and the addictive qualities of the tobacco cigarette. where does the e-cig fit in exactly?

What are e-cigs?

An e-cigarette, is a battery-powered device that simulates smoking by vaporizing a liquid. (e-liquid or vape juice). Users inhale the resulting aerosol, commonly referred to as vapor. E-cigs aim to provide a nicotine experience. This without the harmful effects of traditional tobacco smoke. offering a potentially less harmful alternative.

The ‘cigarette’ itself has all the aspects of a traditional smoke. You suck on the end of the artificial cigarette (which in most cases actually lights up). And just like a traditional tobacco ciggy, you can then breath out a massive plume of ‘smoke.’

So far so good. With regards to the Christian addiction thingy! Yet it is not that simple. The fact is that even though you are NOT inhaling Tobacco smoke. And all the cancer causing carcinogens associated with it. You are actually ingesting Nicotine into your body.

I should add here that you do indeed have the choice to smoke a nicotine-free e-cig. Which is infused with any number of flavoured e-liquids.

OK, if as a Christian you already have a nicotine habit ( just sayin! ) then the positive aspect of e-smoking is still worth considering – like these below…

Is it a sin to vape?

is vaping a sin yes or no
Saint or Sinner?

First of all, the Bible is clear that the act of vaping is NOT a sin – so long as you are not actually addicted to vaping. Why is this? If you are addicted to anything at all, then you are putting that thing between yourself and The Lord. You have become ‘enslaved’ by your habit. This is particularly highlighted in 2 Peter 2:19 “…by what a man is overcome by this he is enslaved.”

While there is an argument from the social standpoint. For example. Will this influence the kids to take up traditional smokes, after trying the fake ones?

From a health stand-point alone. It has to be better for your lungs to be inhaling vapor rather than tobacco smoke? I know from experience. Inhaling smoke from tobacco damages not only your lungs, but your sense of smell and taste.

The scientific investigations on long-term use of e-cigs or cartomizers. Is yet to be determined. As far as I can tell from the studies I have done online. It would appear that e-cigs are not only here to stay. They could actually offer the Christian a way to break their smoking habit.

Although perhaps they would simply be starting on an alternative habit. Equally difficult to break? Remember the warning from the book of 2 Peter. “For by whatever I man is overcome, by this he is enslaved” Yes…this does include women also 😊

Ok, So is vaping a sin or not?

The Biblical answer to this is very clear. As mentioned, Vaping in itself is not a sin.

That said – if an individual has become addicted to vaping, then it is a problem according to 2 Peter 2:19. Mostly though it is a matter of personal choice or conscience. In spite of the Biblical admonition.

Smoking cigarettes, let alone vaping, is not mentioned by name in the Bible. Yet it seems that harmful addictions are indeed covered. In this passage and throughout the Bible.

In his Epistle, the Book of James does relate works to salvation. Including the obligation to ‘show by example’ that they are followers of Christ.

Some might well argue that vaping is not a good example of a Christian lifestyle. Particularly if the individual vaper is showing signs of addiction to the vape…

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